Value Statements

  • Equity: We strive to reduce social and environmental barriers that disproportionately impact vulnerable groups and limit their opportunities to flourish.
  • Community-driven Solutions:  We recognize that communities are unique and empower them to create, adapt, and implement strategies rooted in their strengths and shared goals.
  • Using a Public Health Lens: We base our work on an understanding of the social, behavioral, and environmental factors that drive well-being and the importance of prevention strategies that improve both individual and population-level outcomes.
  • Evidence-informed: We utilize available research and best practices to inform our studies and translate this information to provide practical guidance at the local, state, and national level.
  • Systems-focused and Sustainable : We assist communities in leveraging partnerships, aligning resources and embedding best practices through policies, procedures, and practices to achieve lasting change.

The Center for Health and Health Care in Schools (CHHCS) supports child wellness, positive development, and school success. We do this by promoting collaborative partnerships that bridge health and education in the service of creating a supportive environment. A nonpartisan organization with a strong national reputation in technical assistance, professional development, applying and translating research, and program evaluation, CHHCS uses a public health lens to apply its expertise in children’s health and education issues to build and sustain equitable environments for children to thrive.