Using a school-connected, integrated approach, CHHCS provides experience and expertise in:

  • Navigating the children’s health and education policy worlds at the federal, state, and local levels, and advancing school-connected systems and on-the-ground programs and services that take into account the evolving policy landscape
  • Applying the latest evidence-based best practices and what works to achieve results
  • Maximizing funding and sustainability by identifying current and future revenue streams, outlining concrete steps to secure that funding, and building organizational capacity to achieve sustainability


CHHCS partners with community stakeholders, national leaders and state & local districts to bridge the gap between health and education, promoting school-connected child well-being and success.

CHHCS Services

  • Technical Assistance, Consulting & Capacity Building
    Strategic guidance and support to develop, strengthen, evaluate, and sustain systems and programs, and to develop the programmatic and organizational capacity of providers, schools and institutions
  • Research, Analysis and Dissemination
    Cutting-edge research and analysis with a particular focus on interpreting and translating complex data and concepts for a range of audiences in order to drive effective action, practice and policy
  • Program Management
    Upfront development and ongoing management of major grants and collaborative initiatives including day-to-day program operation and coordination, facilitating partnerships, and engaging community stakeholders
  • Convening
    Design and execution of multi-sector convenings to foster knowledge exchange, joint decision making, and stronger collaboration between stakeholders in the health, education, and community sectors from the local to the national levels
  • Knowledge Center
    A national clearinghouse of information including regularly published online resources such as grant opportunities, current news, job postings, trainings, presentations, and research reports


CHHCS Research Papers & Reports

Presentations by CHHCS Staff & Colleagues