Deadline: March 08, 2019

The purpose of this program is to build on past HRSA programs to improve access to coordinated and integrated care for children with, or at risk for, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Other Developmental Disabilities (DD) and their families in medically underserved areas and populations… The purpose and objectives of this program will be accomplished by implementing the following two strategies:

  1. Family Navigation – Increasing family navigation services to improve communication between families and primary and specialty providers; link children with/at risk for ASD/DD to diagnostic evaluations, ASD/DD services, and community resources; and provide education to families of children with/at risk for ASD/DD to improve self-efficacy in navigating the system of care for children with/at risk for ASD/DD; and
  2. Provider Education – Providing education, training, and technical assistance to providers, and community based-organizations providing services to ASD/DD on improving care for children with/at risk for ASD/DD through a learning community.”

Amount: $372,000

Please Note: The Center for Health and Health Care in Schools (CHHCS) does not administer this funding opportunity

Please contact Department of Health and Human Services for more information and application details.

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