Safety on the Road: How Has Your School Planned for Safe Events Off-Campus?

Whether it’s a class trip, a sports competition, or a visit to another school, students are frequently on-the-road. Before the consent form must be signed, parents may want to check school policies as they relate to modes of transportation, medical emergencies, parental consent, and supervision.

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Some questions to ask include the following:

  • How will the trip be supervised?
  • What is the role of volunteers and how are they briefed on school policies?
  • What are the travel arrangements and have safety considerations been addressed?
  • For overnight trips, how can parents contact their children in the event of an emergency?

Resources: For information on policies and procedures adopted by some school districts related to school trips, try the following resources and examples:

Irvine Unified School District. BOARD POLICY. Policy 6153: FIELD TRIPS, TOURS, AND EXCURSIONS.

See Also: Health, Mental Health and Safety Guidelines for schools.