In School year 1999/2000 brought the number of school-based health centers to 56, an increase of five since school year 1997/98. There was also a corresponding increase in funding, mostly thorough the state general fund. Most centers (47) operate with a primary care provider on site full time, and the majority of centers (54) are in urban areas. Forty seven out of fifty six centers (84%) receive at least 50% of their funding through grants, Medicaid, or SCHIP payments.

Descriptive Data
Results of the Making the Grade 2000 Survey of SBHC Initiatives

Primary Care Providers
on Site
Types of Schools
Housing SBHCs
Location of SBHCs

State PoliciesTable I: Policies Regarding Third Party Payments for SBHC Services

SBHCs are eligible for services under fee-for-service Medicaid Yes
SBHCs are eligible for services under fee-for-service SCHIP Yes
State policy specifically prohibits SBHCs from billing Medicaid No
State requires through law, managed care contracts or regualtions that Medicaid managed care provider networks include SBHCs Yes
State prohibits SBHCs from being paid for care provided to Medicaid managed beneficiaries No
States require through law, managed care contracts or regulations that SCHIP managed care provider networks include SBHCs Yes

Table II: Programs and Policies to Support SBHCs

Is there a program unit which is responsible for providing technical assistance to communities interested in SBHCs? Yes
Does this office administer a grant program that supports SBHCs? Yes
Does the state have targeting guidelines for state-funded SBHCs? Yes
Has the state established operating standards for SBHCs?* Yes
Are SBHCs licensed by state health licensing authority? Yes

*Operating standards for SBHCs in Connecticut are required.

Table III: SBHCs and Managed Care Experience

Do any SBHCs in the state have contracts with managed care plans? Yes
Do any SBHCs participate in commercial plans? No
Does state law permit nurse practitioners to participate in managed care provider networks as primary care providers? Yes


Table IV: SBHCs and Community Support

Has the state health department or education agency sponsored polls or organized focus groups to identify public interests and concerns regarding SBHCs? No
Has the state agency been asked toprovide information on how to start, operate or fund a SBHCs? Yes
Has the agency been contacted by persons who were worried about the opening of a SBHC in their community? No
Has the agency been contacted by persons opposed to the opening of SBHCs in the state? No
Do SBHCs assess parent and/or student satisfaction with their services? Yes

State Funds for SBHCs for School Year 1999-2000

Title V MCH Block Grant
(state directed dollars)
State General Fund $5,464,704
Making the Grade Grant $68,053
Federal Training Monies $4,000
Total $5,824,853

Source: National Survey of School-Based Health Centers 2000,
Making the Grade

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