Delaware was an early supporter of school-based health centers with its first center opening in Middletown High School in 1985. In school year 1997/98, there were 23 centers. In fall 1999, there were 27 operating centers– leaving only two high schools in the state without a school-based health center. State funds to support the centers totaled $4.3 million; nearly all these dollars were from the state general fund. All school-based health centers get at least three-fourths of its operating budget from the state.

Descriptive Data
Location of SBHCs

All SBHCs are located in high schools.

State Policies
Table I: Third Party Payments for SBHC Services
Not Applicable. SBHCs in Delaware do not bill for services

Table II: Programs and Policies that Support SBHCs

Is there a program unit that is responsible for providing technical assistance to communities interested in SBHCs? No
Does the state have targeting guidelines for state-funded SBHCs? No
Has the state established operating standards for SBHCs?* Yes
Are SBHCs licensed by state health licensing authority? No

*Operating standards in Delaware are required.
Table III: SBHCs and Managed Care Experience

Do any SBHCs in the state have contracts with managed care plans? No
Do any SBHCs participate in commercial plans? No
Does state law permit nurse practitioners to participate in managed care provider networks as primary care providers? No


Table IV: SBHCs and Community Support

Has the state health department or education agency sponsored polls or organized focus groups to identify public interest and concerns regarding SBHCs? Yes
Has the state agency been asked to provide information on how to start, operate or fund a SBHC? Yes
Has the agency been contacted by persons who were worried about the opening of SBHCs in their community? Yes
Has the agency been contacted by persons opposed to the opening of SBHCs in the state? Yes
Do SBHCs assess parent and/or student satisfaction with their services? Yes



State Funds for SBHCs for School Year 1999/2000


Title V MCH Block Grant $   130,000
State General Fund $4,189,500
Total $4,319,500


Source: National Survey of School-Based Health Centers 2000,
Making the Grade

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