In school year 1997/98 Virginia reported 12 school-based health centers, an increase of four over two years. Five of the centers are located in high schools, three are in middle schools and two are in elementary schools.
Most of the centers (7) have been established in rural communities. Virginia does not direct any state monies to support school-based health centers. Centers are eligible to receive Medicaid reimbursements, which accounted for an estimated $40,000 in revenue for centers across the state. Centers largely exist on local support.

Descriptive Data
SBHCs with primary care providers
Types of schools housing SBHCs
Location of SBHCs

State Policies
Table I: Third Party Payments for SBHC Services

SBHCs are eligible to receive Medicaid payments for Services Yes
SBHCs are eligible to receive CHIP payments for services Yes
State has taken specific measures to encourage SBHC
participation in Medicaid managed care
State has taken specific measures to encourage SBHC
participation in CHIP
SBHCs participate in MCOs as primary care providers Yes
SBHCs or their sponsors have contracts with managed care plans No

Table II: Non-financial State Policies to Support SBHCs

Does your state have a governmental unit or office explicitly charged to develop and support SBHCs? No
Does state law permit nurse practitioners to participate in managed care provider networks as primary care providers? Yes
Does the state have targeting guidelines for state-funded SBHCs? No
Has the state established operating standards for SBHCs? No
Are SBHCs licensed by state health licensing authority? No


Source: National Survey of School-Based Health Centers 1997-1998,
Making the Grade

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