This grant initiative uses the school-based health center definition described in the RWJF Call for Proposals, Making the Grade: State and Local Partnerships To Establish School-Based Health Centers (1993). The Call for Proposals states:

While comprehensive school-based health centers vary in staffing patterns and services provided, they share some common features:

  • They are located in schools.
  • Parents sign written consents for their children to enroll in the health center.
  • An advisory board of community representatives, parents, youth and family organizations participate in planning and oversight of the health center.
  • The health center works cooperatively with school nurses, coaches, counselors, classroom teachers, and school principals and their staff to assure that the health center is an integral part of the life of the school.
  • Clinical services are the responsibility of a qualified health provider (hospital, health center, health department, group medical practice, etc.)
  • A multidisciplinary team of nurse practitioners, clinical social workers, physicians, and other health professionals care for students.
  • The health center provides a comprehensive range of services that specifically meets the serious health problems of young people in the community as well as provides general medical care.