Project Summary

HEALS, Inc. currently operates two medical clinics, Rachelle Cassity Memorial Clinic and a clinic at Terry Heights Elementary school. HEALS’ first clinic opened in 1999 and the second in 2001. During that time, they have made health care available to all Lincoln and Terry Heights school students and their families, and the students at the adjoining Headstart center.

HEALS’ dental clinic presently offers comprehensive dental care to Lincoln Elementary School students through volunteer dentists, dental hygienists and office staff. Because the staff is volunteer, the services are only available two days a week. HEALS’ Bright Smiles Program will expand the current dental health program by hiring a full time dentist, hygienist, and dental assistant to the HEALS’ Cassity Memorial Clinic. The addition of salaried staff will augment the volunteers and increase the number of patients seen at the HEALS dental clinic, and increase the opportunity to provide services to needy students in schools without a HEALS clinic. This additional staff will increase appointment times from 12 hours to 40 hours per week, and the maximum number of patients will be increased from 26 to a possible 80 per week. The volunteer staff will continue to see the present patient population and work towards seeing every qualified child at Title 1 (low income) schools for hygiene, sealants and needed restorative work. Having a staff dentist at the site will also allow HEALS to develop a clinical preceptorship with the University of Alabama School of Dentistry, and to work with National Service Corps SEARCH Dental Students.

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