Project Summary

The Samuel U. Rogers Community Health Center will establish a comprehensive dental program within the McCoy Elementary School health center to provide direct care to students 15 hours a week. Rogers Health Center has managed school-based health centers in Kansas City since 1984. The McCoy Center, established in 1998, provides a broad range of services to students – physical exams, immunizations, laboratory testing, hearing vision and dental screening. A licensed clinical social worker provides mental health services and community outreach workers focus on prevention of cardiovascular disease and diabetes in the community as well as responds to child abuse and neglect reports. The new dental services, offered under the name of the McCoy C.H.O.M.P.E.R.S. program, will be provided by a dentist, dental hygienist, and dental aide as well as dental, dental hygiene and medical students. The dental team will provide exams, primary dental care, dental cleanings, and dental sealants. The project will serve school students in the first year, add their siblings and other family members in the second year, and extend care to residents of the immediate neighborhood in the third.

McCoy Elementary School is located in the historic northeast section of Kansas City, Missouri and is one of 50 elementary schools in the Kansas City Missouri School District. The school serves 331 students, from kindergarten through fifth grade. The student population reflects the community at large, with the Hispanic population totaling 49%, the Caucasian population – 25%, the African-American population – 19%, and the Asian-Pacific Islander population- 7%. The neighborhood has limited resources, including few dental providers. Long waits for appointments are common.

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