Project Summary

The St. John Health System Community Investment Corporation is partnering with the Children’s Dental Health Foundation (CDHF), also a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, to provide dental services. CDHF is providing the dental sealant program, already in place, in the target schools. Mobile Dentists and the Children’s Dental Health Foundation have been serving children for five years and was first conceived and established by the current co-dental directors. Dr. Margo Woll and Dr. Marcy Borofsky. The Children’s Dental Health Foundation and Mobile Dentists has served over 500 schools throughout the state of Michigan.

Under the grant, comprehensive dental care will be provided to all students. The school-based dental program is designed to provide comprehensive dental services to approximately 1,275 disadvantaged students for three years at four of St. John’s school-based health centers. Currently these centers participate in a dental sealant program organized by the Children’s Dental Health Foundation. Reimbursement will be sought for services to students who are covered by private insurance, Medicaid or MIChild . Efforts will be made to link uninsured families to state and federal programs.

The sponsor will manage the project, have fiduciary responsibility for the program, and work to integrate the in-school dental program with the health centers and the school environment. CDHF, the dental partner, will be responsible for the following: provide/maintain the dental equipment; ensure the equipment meets required OSHA and state inspection regulations; provide dental supplies; hire licensed staff to perform the dental services; and bill for services rendered

The project’s goal will be to provide high-quality services to high-need children such that their success will lead to funding dental care at the remaining school-based health centers sponsored by St. John Community Investment Corporation.

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