The SBHC will have a written plan for responding to emergencies, within the context of center services, school policies, and the needs of the injured.


  • The SBHC will provide emergency first aid to any student able to enter the center, if trained staff is available.
  • The SBHC will provide emergency first aid to any person injured on school property on school property in the event that trained staff is available at the time.
  • The SBHC will not respond to emergencies off of school property, but will make a 911 call to alert emergency medical services.
  • In providing emergency care, the SBHC staff will attempt to stabilize the injured person, including administering CPR, choking procedures, wound bandaging, and treatment for shock in accordance with their professional abilities and will call 911 as soon as it is possible.
  • Staff will stay in attendance until other emergency medical care arrives.
  • Efforts will be made to contact parents immediately.
  • Payment for ambulance or other first aid care provided to the injured person is not the responsibility of the SBHC.
  • The principal’s office must be notified as soon as possible and be responsible for filing all school district accident and injury reports.