Oregon Standards for Certification
Table of Contents

Section A:   Certification Process
A.1 Levels of Certification
A.2 Administrative Procedures
A.3 Compliance Requirements
A.4 Out of Compliance Procedure

Section B:   Sponsoring Agency/ Facility
B.1 Sponsoring Agency Requirements
B.2 Medical Sponsor Requirements
B.3 Facility Requirements
B.4 Facility Recommendations

Section C:  Operations/ Staffing
C.1 Hours of Operation Requirements – Core Center
C.2 Hours of Operation Requirements – Expanded Center
C.3 Eligibility for Services Requirements – Core & Expanded Centers
C.4 Policy & Procedures Requirements – Core & Expanded Centers
C.5 Eligibility for Services Recommendations – Core & Expanded Centers C.6 Staffing Requirements – Core Center
C.7 Staffing Requirements – Expanded Center
C.8 Staffing Recommendations – Core & Expanded Center

Section D: Laboratory
D.1 Laboratory Space Requirements
D.2 Laboratory Certification Requirements
D.3 Laboratory Reporting Requirements
D.4 Relationship with CLIA Lab Requirement
D.5 Laboratory/ Diagnostic Services Requirements
D.6 Equipment Requirements
D.7 Laboratory Recommendations

Section E:  Services
E.1 Comprehensive Services

  • Requirements
  • Primary Care
  • Screening
  • Dental
  • Pharmacy
  • Reproductive Health
  • Preventive Heath
  • Mental Health
  • Social Services
  • Other
    E.2 Equipment Requirements
    E.3 Medications Guidance
    E.4 Preventive Health Guidance
    E.5 Social Services Guidance

Section F:  Data Collection & Reporting
F.1 Data Collection Requirements
F.2 Data Variable Requirements
F.3 Data Reporting Requirements
F.4 Risk Factor Guidance

Section G:  Quality Assurance
G.1 Quality Assurance Requirements

Section H:  Terminology
H.1 Definitions
H.2 Acronyms/ Abbreviations