Suggested Guidelines

Draft – 7/23/01

CREDENTIAL: PhD., DSW, MSW/MS, MD and related license/certification

BACKGROUND: Minimum five (5) years post-graduate degree

EXPERIENCE: Five (5) years of direct clinical practice in child/adolescent mental health


Three (3) years in or with a school(s) providing on-site mental health direct clinical practice, consultation or supervision/administration


Some combination of the above to assure:

  • clinical competence
  • knowledge of school systems, and
  • experience in providing school-based mental health services

REQUIREMENT: Three (3) hours of supervision per week, with a minimum of one hour per week of individual supervision. The other two hours can be satisfied through a combination of the following:*

Group supervision

Group and/or individual consultation/case conferencing

Other mental health or school-based training and education

COMPETENCIES: Knowledge of and skill in negotiating school systems

Skill in assessment/diagnosis and use of the DSM-4

Knowledge of and skill in providing comprehensive, on-site

school mental health services

* Supervision location: Depending on the number of SBHC’s sponsored by a particular institution and thus the number of mental health providers to be supervised, it may be both effective and efficient to vary the location of supervision, to include the following:

  • specific school site(s)
  • sponsoring organization’s facility