Evaluation of UpPotential’s Youth Caring Program


UpPotential provides culturally-adapted and research-based information, resources, and life skills training to enable individuals—regardless of age, gender, or ethnicity—to lead a healthy and constructive life. The Youth Caring Program (YCP), based in Hong Kong, helps students learn to manage stress and increase resilience to enhance mental wellness awareness, and we believe self-help skills can become a caring act for oneself and others. YCP incorporates cultural and research-based programs through online training in the school environment.

The Center for Health and Health Care in Schools (CHHCS) is working with UpPotential to develop and implement a monitoring and evaluation plan for UpPotential. UpPotential is seeking guidance on designing a mixed-methods evaluation to understand the effectiveness of the program. This evaluation will help to understand the strengths of the program and areas that can be improved. In addition, UpPotential is seeking to use the evaluation results to obtain public and private funding to scale the program.


UpPotential Youth Caring Program Overview

UpPotential Youth Caring Program Highlights

UpPotential Youth Caring Program: Report of Findings 2017–2020

January 2021