Exploration of School-Based Wellbeing in the United States


Together with GW’s Graduate School of Education and Human Development, CHHCS is working to revise and develop new models for understanding wellness in schools. Funded by the Cross-Disciplinary Research Fund of the George Washington University, the project aims to:

  1. Develop a novel, comprehensive framework of a construct termed “school-based wellbeing” for schools in the United States
  2. Identify characteristics of “well schools” and provide an analysis of current levels of wellness (as reported by educators)

These aims are accomplished by using a mixed methods research design, which integrates the collection of both qualitative data (focus groups and interviews) and quantitative data (surveys). Research participants include schools from the Washington, DC and several other metropolitan areas to ensure a sampling from diverse school systems and participants.

The findings from this research are expected to result in new knowledge, which will support the development of a new model and framework for examining school-based wellbeing. The development and dissemination of this model will help to drive theory and provide a significant framework for the fields of education, public health, educational leadership, psychology and teacher preparation.