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  1. Tessica says:

    Now I know who the brainy one is, I’ll keep lonikog for your posts.

  2. Just installed Mac os x Lion on a PC and the my Logitech mx revolution cursor (which works flawlessly in windows) was driving me crazy! Thanks God I found this post!! Although I really liked os x, I’m now going back to windows because of that, which i consider totally unacceptable…

  3. you couldn’t support The Ineffable One if he denounced crackpot statementsHuh? I never said that. Again, everyone knows he already denounced the statements. I said he would lose me as a supporter if he denounced the statements and denounced Wright or left Trinity solely b/c of those comments made by Wright (in other words, for nothing more than political expediency).Where’s the contradiction in that?

  4. Love to see it earlier, too, Simon. To Rebecca’s point (below), we have DropBox, Time Machine, and other cool online services that have already been around for a while. Why should it take Microsoft 2-3 YEARS to add stuff like this to Windows. It’s clear to me that MS is losing relevancy in today’s world — as much as I am a MS guy, career-wise. I believe in five years or so, we’ll see MS relegated primarily to the business space, where innovation and agility don’t matter as much.

  5. Lovely card Vicky, I really like the colour combo you've gone with, they're definitely Autumnal and the layout is great. I'm a big fan of that patchwork paper, I think it reminds me of when I used to do a lot of needlework.Wonderful colouring as always! Feebsyxx

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  11. The article was in reference to Colin Powell and Cheney.What does that have to do with where Gore, Obama and Bill served?Powell was an intricate component when selling this war to the American public. His opinion changed and he has earned the right to voice that opinion.It does not change the character of the man.

  12. Porter,It is about time somebody wrote a piece on bad grammar. The error that bothers me the most is the common habit of using nouns as verbs. Ugh! Thanks for your thoughtful posts and best wishes for a happy holiday season.CG Blake´s last blog post ..Like? 0

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  17. I’m a girl and I thought “Stop fighting like a girl Bradley” was f*ckin hilarious… XD Thank you for sharing this. I love watching cast specials with Bradley and Colin <3 Nearly as much as i love watching Merlin and Arthur XD That kick thing Bradley did with his sword was freakin awesome!

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  23. You did such a beautiful job at Carly and Bobby’s wedding last summer. My daughter (the redhead in their wedding party) is moving back to Indy after 7 years in DC and I think she sold her french press. I would love to give her a new one! Thanks.

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  26. That is indeed a very cool bead!! I love your wintery colors with the splash of orange (winter sunset?). Actually I think a polymer clay focal for this style of bracelet would be perfect, because it wouldn't be so heavy that it would pull everything down under your wrist where you couldn't see it.

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  29. Great post – My mother has a meltdown if the house isn’t tidy before the team of cleaners come and I never understand it! But she is full of pride and also feels less guilty if the house is that bit easier for the cleaners to clean

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  41. Great article — nails it. There are a dozen reputable books and hundreds of reputable articles out there that analyze this situation in depth. Historians will be digging through all this material for decades and centuries.

  42. “Some are Swedish, some are not.”Meaning, I suppose, that some of the people causing the trouble were born in Sweden, to immigrant parents, and some are immigrants themselves?At any rate, that was some deft dodging of a simple question: “Are they Swedish?” I wonder what the “youths'” answer to whether they are of Swedish heritage would be?

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  45. Oh what I wouldn’t give to work in a space like that! You’ve inspired me to at least spiff up my boring old office a little bit and maybe one day I’ll break out of this place and find my own clubhouse!

  46. ah ces deux épisodes…purée je suis contente de me les avoir gardé pour ne pas avoir une semaine d’écart entre les deux…fantastique… ah le retournement de situation avec romero, la dernière scene de l’assistant du procureur, LA scene de jax et clay…. oh y’a rien a jeté….et tara et son « he’s mine »….parfait. j’essaie de motiver les gens que je connais et qui regarde pas mal de série, de regarder celle la..sans succès…mais purée que j’adore cette série….

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  53. No, most people who ride around town all year long with VT plates are Bristol residents just trying to avoid paying taxes in Bristol! And the rest of us are picking up their share of taxes!

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  59. or call 804.840.1449 anytime. This invitation has been extended many times since we launched the PAC and LDF, but to date Taitz has chosen not to reach out and learn the facts regarding our work. However, the invitation remains open, but the misrepresentation of facts must end now."Helen: You need to put a red phone on your desk like Glenn Beck did for Obama.

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  65. Potato Salad — this summertime standby, dressed up with agave nectar and bacon, goes with all sorts of inexpensive dishes, like hot dogs, hamburgers and grilled chicken, or grilled salmon or pulled pork. And how about some of your luscious mangoes for dessert?

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  67. Those laws are exactly why I have that disclaimer on my blog.Bedwetting is why I have the adult content warning too even though R rated language is all that's "adult" about my little blog.

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  80. Another brilliant piece. It's so frustrating to see all this, know what's going on, have a good idea of what the future holds and know that there are people either asleep at the switch or apathetic (or even downright letting it all happen and helping it along). I just want to grab the powers-that-be and shake them violently until they wake up and/or wise up. G-d help us.

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  82. on Where exactly is this one? I'm from Arizona, have been to the Christopher Creek gorge that you guys did, and have also been to Woods Canyon Lake. But I can't picture a stream/river/creek named Woods Canyon at all, let alone with drops like you showed.

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  89. Agreed, Lori- and I like that word better. It is like those 10 year old pics on business cards- you want the person in front of you to somewhat represent the one you met online, and in church, and if these personae don’t reconcile, you have a problem.But also, sometimes when I am in a bad mood (and I know we have discussed this before) I stay away from saying much, online or off. It would be authentic to be crabby, but would it be good?

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  101. Stallman is a fellow in the tech industry who wrote software long ago. He’s known for being gruff and insightful. He is widely thought to be the father of “free software”. Recently Stallman repeated an old Chicago mayor’s quote about not being glad Jobs was dead, but being glad Jobs was gone. We here in the valley that knew Jobs thought he was an asshole, and a murderously good capitalist. Man was honest, and for those who had to work with NeXT or Apple, he was right on target. Let’s face it, too many people worship Jobs to be honest about him. Oh well. I don’t see the problem. *shrug*

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  110. i speak positively about blacks alwaysbut i will never speak exclusively positively about anything/any race perfection is a fantasyand censoring negative truths = suicideignoring/denying/sugarcoating genocidal ills will never save one black childfyiab

  111. After having already seen so many of the video responses created in reaction to this blog, hopefully YT will realize that within the core community that there is a general amazement of Nalts being left out and bewilderment that sxephil (wtf, indeed) and smpfilms are even on there (granted, we know that cori organized the As One stuff but he’s beginning to look more desperately self-serving). The vlogging community has already discovered LV (even valsartdiary is on there?) in hopes of finding the original heart of YT. Haters are bad enough, now we have to deal with greed?

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