Generics are full-fledged analogues of various branded drugs, including such well-known drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction as Viagra. Despite the fact that the modern pharmaceutical market offers a huge number of Viagra generics, many consumers still don’t know some of the nuances regarding both the generics themselves and the specifics of their acquisition. In this article, we will make every effort to ensure that you no longer have gaps in your knowledge about the various generics of Viagra. Particular attention will be paid to online shopping.

Drug Name: Generic Viagra
Tablet Strength: 25 mg, 50 mg, 100 mg, 120 mg, 200 mg
Price: $0.69
Payment: Visa, MasterCard, Btc
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Buy Cheap Generic Viagra

First of all, it should be noted that the main point that attracts men to Viagra generics is their significantly lower price compared to the original. Despite the fact that there are a huge number of generics based on Sildenafil citrate (the active substance of Viagra), and the list of only the most popular names reaches a dozen, and the prices for all these options, of course, vary significantly, in any case, the buyer receives a huge benefit. The price of generic Viagra is at least two times lower, and this is if you choose the most expensive generic of American or Israeli production. If you set as your goal the purchase of a generic Viagra at the best price, then you can save up to 80% of the cost of a branded drug. This is possible due to the fact that prices in online pharmacies are significantly lower than in regular ones, plus on most sites the cost of each pill is lower, the more there are in one order. Together with frequently held promotions and special offers, this allows you to benefit from additional discount percentages when ordering.

Quality Generics of Viagra

If all consumers agree that the price of Viagra generics is more than attractive, then not everyone believes that generics can be as high quality as the original medicine. Moreover, some generics are even manufactured using more advanced technology and equipment than the original Pfizer drug. The best quality generics of Viagra are distinguished by the fact that they often cause fewer side effects in men than the parent drug, or they are less pronounced and disappear more quickly.

However, if you are inattentive when purchasing the drug and don’t follow a number of precautions, you may come across a not entirely reliable medicine. In this regard, we turn to the consideration of issues such as the most reliable suppliers of Viagra generics and proven pharmacies.

Best Generic Viagra Suppliers

Traditionally, the countries producing the highest quality and most reliable generics of both Viagra and other drugs for combating erectile dysfunction are Canada, India and the UK. Indian manufacturers with an impeccable reputation include AJANTA PHARMA LTD, AUROBINDO PHARMA LTD, HETERO LABS LTD V, TORRENT PHARMA and a number of others, slightly smaller, but equally impeccable. In general, Indian medicines are distinguished by the most attractive price-quality ratio, and a fake or a low-quality medicine is hardly to be found.

In Canada, the most popular generic Viagra manufacturers include Novartis AG, Apotex Inc., Pharmascience Inc. and Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. These companies produce not the cheapest, but very high quality drugs.

British generic manufacturers include Brown & Burk UK, Abbott Laboratories Inc., Bausch & Lomb UK Ltd, ConvaTec Ltd and a number of others. All British medicines are of excellent quality, although some consumers are not satisfied with the fact that the choice of dosages is in most cases limited to the standard 25, 50 and 100 mg options.

Proven Online Pharmacies for Generic Viagra

A reliable online pharmacy is the most important and in fact the only link with which a customer intends to purchase a generic Viagra directly interacts. If you turn to the services of a trusted pharmacy, the likelihood of encountering a low-quality medicine will tend to zero.

There are a large number of special sites on the Web – online pharmacy aggregators, where they are sorted by ratings based on customer reviews, prices and some other parameters. The number of pharmacies is very large, both relatively large and rather small, but still reliable. It is difficult to list them all. We note only a few pharmacies with an impeccable reputation: British, American with delivery from other countries, international

Fast Delivery

The disadvantage of online pharmacies is that it is impossible to buy the medicine instantly, because it must be delivered to your place or local post office. However, if there is no urgent need for generic Viagra, then the delivery time even from abroad will delight you. It is extremely rare for an order to travel to you for more than a week. Domestic orders usually take one to three days to arrive.

Discounts for Generic Viagra

There are several ways to get an additional discount on Viagra generics in online pharmacies. Firstly, if you subscribe to the newsletter of the pharmacy you are interested in, you can receive many interesting offers and promotional codes. Secondly, promotional codes can be found on various third-party websites that specialize in generating them and searching for them on the web. And thirdly, there are special catalogs with coupons that give discounts on specific drugs. They are not very easy to find, but they can provide a substantial discount on generic Viagra.

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