Grant Alerts

Captain Planet Foundation-Small Grant Program 2016 (Deadline: 9/30/16)
Grants are made for activities that conform to the mission of the Captain Planet Foundation, which is: To give the next generation of environmental stewards an active understanding and love for the natural world in which they live.

Dominion Foundation-Educational Partnership Grants (Select Locations) (Deadline:5/31/16)
The Dominion Foundation will award $1 million in grants to support K-12 education throughout targeted areas in 2016.

Kids in the Game-GO! Grants 2016 (Deadline: 6/1/16)
GO! Grants are for elementary schools to spark and sustain physical activity programs that take place before, during or after the school day.

Simon Youth Foundation-Youth Mentorship Program Grants
(Deadline: 4/29/16)
The purpose of this funding is to organize and implement a national program of adult mentors and advisors for at-risk students enrolled in the Simon Youth Academies.

Administration for Children and Families-Native Youth Initiative for Leadership, Empowerment, and Development (Deadline: 6/13/16)
The purpose of the STOP Act grant program is to prevent and reduce alcohol use among youth ages 12-20 in communities throughout the United States.

Gray Family Foundation-Outdoor School Grants (Oregon) (Deadline: 6/15/16)
The purpose of this funding is to help connect students to outdoor environments through outdoor school programs, specifically for 5th and 6th grade students in Oregon.


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Growing Up in a Bad Neighborhood Does More Harm Than We Thought

“This article presents budding research by an economist about how the neighborhood in which children grow up has an impact on their success as an adult – and the effects may be larger than previously estimated. Based on studies of different housing policies from 1990s, these findings would support reshaping national housing policy and also provide valuable insight to other areas of social policy to improve the living conditions of children.”

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New Resources

From Project to Platform: The Evolution of Kids Count, a new report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation, tells the story of how a single data book documenting child well-being measures turned into a mission-critical vehicle for the Foundation in building bipartisan support for proven practice solutions and policy change. The report includes data and research insights that the Foundation gained from decades of investing in a program that turned into a keystone for shaping and amplifying policy on a broad scale.

Mental Health Disparities Among Transgender Youth, an article newly published in JAMA Pediatrics, explores the high prevalence of mental health diagnoses in transgender youth and the implications for providing care for this specific population.

Latinos and Literacy: Hispanic Students’ Progress in Reading, a new report from Child Trends Hispanic Institute, compares progress in reading scores from Latino fourth and eighth graders across states and major cities in the U.S.

Job Opportunities

Children Now-Research Associate (Oakland, CA)
Children Now is currently seeking a full-time Research Associate. Responsibilities of the position include supporting the development of research-oriented publications, overseeing and improving the place-based initiative to maintain up-to-date information, cleaning and analyzing secondary source data, and updating California county data for KIDS COUNT Data Center annually. Qualifications for the position include a Master’s Degree, 2-5 years previous work experience, and experience using data to tell a story. For more information and to apply for this position, please visit:

Rosebud-Lott ISD-School Nurse (Lott, TX)
Rosebud-Lott ISD is currently seeking a full-time School Nurse. Responsibilities of the position include providing direct care, notifying parents of accident or illness, implementing effective procedures for carrying out mandatory screening programs, and collaborating closely with principal and school staff to ensure a healthy school environment. Qualifications for the position include valid Registered Nursing licensure in the state of Texas, a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, at least five years of nursing experience, and knowledge of health appraisal. For more information and to apply for this position, please visit:

New Alternatives for Children of New York City-Prevention Supervisor (Bronx, NY)
New Alternatives for Children of New York City is currently seeking a full-time Prevention Supervisor. Responsibilities of the position include providing clinical and casework supervision for social workers, participating in planning and child safety conferences as needed, and maintaining a collaborative relationship with ACS and community providers. Qualifications for the position include a Master’s Degree in Social Work, experience in preventive services or child welfare, excellent clinical skills, and fluency in Spanish is a plus. For more information and to apply for this position, please visit:

Pueblo City Schools-Registered School Nurse (Pueblo, CO)
Pueblo City Schools are currently seeking three Registered School Nurses. Responsibilities of the position include ensuring mandated health services, assessing the health of the school community, advocating for the physical and emotional safety of the school community, protecting against environmental hazards, and containing the spread of disease. Qualifications for the position include a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, current Registered Nursing licensure in the state of Colorado, and current CPR, First Aid, and AED certification. For more information and to apply for this position, please visit:

Institute for Children, Poverty and Homelessness-GIS Analyst (New York, NY)
The Institute for Children, Poverty and Homelessness is currently seeking a full-time GIS Analyst. Responsibilities of the position include conducting basic geographical data analysis and mapping, to contribute to greater understanding of the policy environment surrounding family and child homelessness. Qualifications for the position include a Bachelor’s Degree in Geography, social sciences, humanities, or other related field, proficiency in ESRI ArcGIS software, to include, ArcMap, ArcCatalog, and ArcToolbox, experience with statistical software, and demonstrated interest in research on poverty issues. For more information and to apply for this position, please visit:

Upcoming Meetings

September 29-October 1, 2016. San Diego, CA: 21st Annual School Mental Health Conference. For more information about this event, please visit:

October 4-6, 2016. Garden Grove, CA: Conference on Children, Youth, and Families. For more information about this event, please visit:

Previously Posted Meetings

April 21-22, 2016. Myrtle Beach, SC: Annual South Carolina School Behavioral Health Conference. For more information about this event, please visit:

May 18-21, 2016. New York, NY: COSEBOC 2016 Annual Gathering. For more information about this event, please visit:


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  222. Never would have thunk I would find this so indispensable.

  223. Hey hey hey, take a gander at what’ you’ve done

  224. Michelle Williams is a bit of chameleon too. Her voice and mannerisms are so different here from any other movie she’s made. It would be tough to even tell it’s her at first.

  225. mrkwst: “voice vote”? please be more specific – how about a link to the joemo: “The NSA has not broken the law here” how about FISA? Or are we to take AG Gonzalez testimony (not under oath, BTW) as constitutional authority?mary: go for it – you got it girl – how can I help?

  226. Oh my god, another one, you have switched on links to commercial rip you off idiots. Close your blog if you have to stoop to that PC. Close blog now. We expect links to link to the blog.

  227. think I might try to do something more productive with my next bag, like make cookies!  Check out this incredible recipe for White Chocolate Peppermint M&M Cookies from Lil’ Luna.  I think I’ll be baking

  228. And I thought I was the sensible one. Thanks for setting me straight.

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