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Office of Elementary and Secondary Education (OESE): Full-Service Community Schools (FSCS) Program – Department of Education(Deadline: April 15, 2019)

This program provides support for the planning, implementation, and operation of full-service community schools that improve the coordination, integration, accessibility, and effectiveness of services for children and families, particularly for children attending high-poverty schools, including high-poverty rural schools.

Head Start and/or Early Head Start, Wayne County, with the exception of the City of Detroit, Michigan – Administration for Children and Families(Deadline: April 23, 2019)

Through this announcement, the Administration for Children and Families solicits applications from public or private non-profit organizations, including community-based and faith-based organizations, or for-profit organizations that wish to compete for funds that are available to provide Head Start and/or Early Head Start services to children and families residing in Wayne County, with the exception of the City of Detroit, Michigan. Funds in the amount of $6,209,372 annually will be available to provide Head Start and/or Early Head Start program services to eligible children and their families.

Implementing Evidence-Based Health Promotion Programs for Children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or Tourette Syndrome (TS) – Centers for Disease Control – NCBDDD (Deadline: April 26, 2019)

The purpose of Implementing Evidence-Based Health Promotion Programs for Children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or Tourette Syndrome (TS) is to improve the health of people with ADHD or TS by developing and providing health communication and education resources to professionals and the public based on best evidence. Program strategies include 1) Providing Information, Consultation and Referral Services, 2) Developing and Disseminating Health Communication Programs and Materials, and 3) Developing and Delivering Health Education Programs.

Trending Topic: Seasonal Allergies and School Health

With the end of the school year on the horizon, Spring often brings excitement and joy for children. It can also bring many allergies and illnesses into the classroom. Check out the resources below to learn how you can help keep children with allergies safe and successful in school. 

Seasonal Allergies in Children

School Kids with Allergies and Asthma

Children and Allergies


Congraulations to our Director, Dr. Acosta Price on receiving the 2019 DC Child Champion Award! She was also recently interviewed for a publication that will appear in the April issue of the School Law Briefings

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New TFAH Report: Promoting Health and Cost Control: How States Can Improve Community Health and Well-being Through Policy Change

Trust for America’s Health’s (TFAH) new report, Promoting Health and Cost Control: How States Can Improve Community Health and Well-being Through Policy Change highlights 13 policies, all outside the healthcare sector, that if adopted by states can improve the health and well-being of their residents.

New Online Training Resources on Working with Youth in Transition

Pathways Transition Training Partnership has launched five new 5-7 minute video briefs on key concepts and skills for working with transition-aged youth and young adults. Each video brief is accompanied by discussion questions and links to resources for further learning. The new video briefs focus on working with Native American youth, working with LGBTQ youth, supporting young people as they form adult relationships, collaborating with peer support providers, and supporting youth advocacy.

Transforming Pediatrics to Support Population Health: Recommendations for Practice Changes and How to Pay for Them

A new report and accompanying policy brief make the case for redesigning pediatric primary care to play a broader role in the health and well-being of families and their children and outline the principles for changing how the care is funded. The report was released by the Child Health and Development Institute of Connecticut and the Connecticut Health Foundation, with recommendations that emerged from a study group they convened of experts, including providers, payers, foundations, policymakers, and parent advocates.

Job Opportunities

Monument Academy Public Charter School – School Counselor (Washington, D.C.)

Working with the most at-risk adolescents and established on an innovative model integrating excellent academics with evidence-based, trauma-informed practices, Monument Academy is a weekday boarding school that opened in the 2015-2016 school year with a 5th grade class of 40 students and will have 160 students when we reach full enrollment through 8th grade in 2018/19. The school is currently authorized to expand to 8th grade and maintains the goal of growing through high school so that students will graduate from Monument Academy.

Public Health Advisor, Bureau of School Health (Brooklyn, NY)

The Division of Family and Child Health (DFCH) of the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene is charged with the creation and oversight of programs, policies, services, and environments that support physical and socio-emotional health, and promote primary and reproductive health services, health equity, social justice, safety and well-being for New York City families and children. The Division is comprised of the Bureau of Maternal Infant and Reproductive Health, the Bureau of Early Intervention, the Office of School Health, and the Bureau of Administration. The vision of the DFCH is that every child, woman, and family recognizes their power and is given the opportunity to reach their full health and development potential

Family Services Specialist I – Child Care Subsidy Specialist (Alexandria, VA)

A Family Services Specialist I in the Child Care Subsidy Case-management Unit provides social work services to low income families from diverse backgrounds who qualify for child care assistance. A Family Services Specialist I engages in active case management with families toward reaching self-sufficiency goals; Offers supportive counseling and crisis support to families who experience difficulties; Provides parent education, information and support to facilitate the selection of appropriate child care placement and authorizes services accordingly; Analyzes and mediates child care concerns and issues; Provides information about early childhood education opportunities available in Virginia through the Head Start, Early Head Start, and Virginia Preschool initiatives.

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