Other School Health Issues

School Health Topics: Includes special sections on asthma, ADD and other learning disabilities, back to school, cultural competence, depression, diabetes, emergency care, food allergies, head lice, infectious diseases, medication management, and vision.

Laws, Rules, Regulations, and Guidelines for School Health: Links to web sites for all 50 states and the District of Columbia that provide state guidelines and regulations but also include information on a variety of topics such as strengthening school health organization at the state level and kid safety on the internet.

Medicaid and School Health Services: Links to federal reports include the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) School-Based Administrative Claiming Guide, 2003 as well as GAO reports on Medicaid and special education. Also includes state level guidance and analyses from a number of state governments.

Law and Policy: Information on laws concerning minor consent and HIPAA (health information privacy) provided. Additional information on these topics is found in the CHHCS ejournal and InFocus and can be accessed via the google search at the top of this page.

State Policies on Staff Administration of Medication in Schools: A summary of state-by-state policies for staff administration of medication in schools from the NASBE State School Health Policy Database.

Environmental Health: Topics include air, water and sanitation safety; biological and chemical safety; playground safety; psycho-social issues; special threats to safe schools, and school discipline.

School Health Services Bibliography: The School Health Services: A Select Bibliography addresses general topics but also, specifically, asthma, children with disabilities, medication management, oral health, teen pregnancy and sexual risk-taking behaviors.

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Resources for Military Families and Children

Schools and Childhood Overweight

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