School-Based Health Centers


CHHCS Publication: School-centered approaches to improve community health: Lessons from school-based health centers (Brookings, July 13, 2016)

Using school-based health centers to address the health needs of low-income youth: An interview with Olga Acosta Price, Professor, The George Washington University (June 10, 2016)


Financing Articles and other documents exploring how managed care, the State Child Health Insurance Program, state grants, and politics impact school-based health centers.

School-Based Health Center Growth A bar chart depicting school-based health center growth in the U.S. from 1985-2014.

Community Preventive Services Task Force Recommends School-Based Health Centers in Low-Income Communities (2016)

Continuous Quality Improvement Tool For School-based Health Centers A comprehensive annual risk assessment tool for detecting and addressing important health concerns of the students at each level of a school.

2015 – 2016 Directory of School-Based Health Center Services in West Virginia A resource for communities and providers that includes information about SBHC services in West Virginia such as contact information, schools and grades served, and hours of operation.

Implementation tools A sample of needs assessment tools, patient satisfaction surveys, recommended formulary and equipment.

Law and policy Documents exploring student confidentiality rules, parental consent and minor consent issues.

State policies and program guidance State policies, quality guidelines, and services and targeting guidelines. Other resource include state and city school-based health centers information sources.

State surveys of school-based health centers Findings from four 50-state surveys documenting the number of school-based health centers, some basic characteristics as well as information on state policies.

The School-Based Health Alliance is the membership organization for school-based health centers. Its web site contains information from its biennial Census of individual SBHCs as well as papers on financing, advocacy, and policy analysis related to the centers. Also includes links to state associations of school-based health centers.

Caring for Kids Expanding Dental and Mental and Health Services through School-Based Health Centers. Under this one-time-only grant initiative, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation provided support to 15 school-based health center programs to expand their mental health services and their dental health services.

City SBHC program reports Annual reports from multi-site city programs.

School Health Polls & Surveys

Tips for Working with the Media

Making the Grade: State & Local Partnerships to Support School-Based Health Centers, 1993-2000
Making the Grade was a national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation that supported state-local collaborations designed to expand comprehensive school-based health services for children and adolescents. For more information about the program, click here. To read the publication From the Margins to the Mainstream: Institutionalizing School-Based Health Centers, click here.

School-Based Adolescent Health Care Program, 1986-1992
In 1987, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation awarded grants to 18 community institutions around the country to establish school-based health centers. The grantees launched health centers in 24 schools that provided on-site, comprehensive physical and mental health care for adolescents at risk–everything from physical exams and lab tests to prescriptions and counseling. To read an excerpt from a 38-page report produced by the School-Based Adolescent Health Care Program, click here.

Archives: The archive section contains background information on school-based health centers including state fact sheets, Critical Caring on the Front Line – a packet of materials demonstrating the need for school-based health centers, and a historical timeline of school-based health centers.