Our Work

CHHCS specializes in advancing effective school-connected programs, policies and systems as solutions for improving children’s overall health and school success. With the school-day averaging 7-8 hours, schools are a critical venue for children’s health and education outcomes. By school-connected, we are referring to preventive activities that are linked to the education system but are not necessarily delivered on site as school-based interventions.

To enhance the impact of school-connected efforts, CHHCS integrates the health, education, and family systems by facilitating communication among key experts to drive collective action. Over time, CHHCS has developed a national network of leading stakeholders including researchers, practitioners, funders, and policymakers that work across these areas.

CHHCS Solutions

CHHCS solutions apply our expertise and services in three distinct areas.


CHHCS is the leading national expert on financing for school-connected programs, policies and systems. Through its continuous research and thought leadership, CHHCS identifies current and future revenue streams, as well as other ways to sustain successful strategies apart from funding.

School & Community Partnerships

CHHCS works with state- and district-level leaders to integrate and prioritize disparate strategies ranging from targeted interventions to broader prevention efforts, coordinate approaches to student well being, and tailor solutions to the unique context of each school and school district.

Vulnerable Populations

CHHCS is a leading expert in school-connected strategies that help vulnerable students, such as low-income, immigrant and refugee, and physically or emotionally challenged children, stay healthy and succeed in school.

CHHCS Services

  • Technical Assistance, Consulting & Capacity Building
    Strategic guidance and support to develop, strengthen, evaluate, and sustain systems and programs, and to develop the programmatic and organizational capacity of providers, schools and institutions
  • Research, Analysis and Dissemination
    Cutting-edge research and analysis with a particular focus on interpreting and translating complex data and concepts for a range of audiences in order to drive effective action, practice and policy
  • Program Management
    Upfront development and ongoing management of major grants and collaborative initiatives including day-to-day program operation and coordination, facilitating partnerships, and engaging community stakeholders
  • Convening
    Design and execution of multi-sector convenings to foster knowledge exchange, joint decision making, and stronger collaboration between stakeholders in the health, education, and community sectors from the local to the national levels
  • Knowledge Center
    A national clearinghouse of information including regularly published online resources such as grant opportunities, current news, job postings, trainings, presentations, and research reports