Supporting the Implementation of Comprehensive School-Based Mental Health in DC


With funding from the Alexander and Margaret Stewart Trust, CHHCS is developing a resource for principals and other education leaders in the District of Columbia (DC) which will provide an overview of the prominent school behavioral health frameworks being promoted to DC public and public charter schools. The frameworks were identified through interviews with key education and behavioral health leaders in DC. The final document will include basic definitions, main components and features, implementation considerations, and additional resources for each of the six identified frameworks, as well as information on their differences and similarities and how they complement each other. Two short case studies from DC that demonstrate how schools can successfully integrate two or more frameworks and brief summaries of some of the other popular programs and approaches will also be included.

These efforts include the following components:

  • Conducting interviews with key informants from Washington, DC schools about effective practices for success
  • Collecting and synthesizing information on empirical research and best practices for the implementation of the identified behavioral health frameworks
  • Identifying schools that are successfully integrating two or more frameworks and conducting interviews with them to learn about their process, successes, challenges, and lessons learned
  • Developing a practice tool/guide that combines national best practices and qualitative research findings to support schools interested in adapting their student support approaches