National & State Scan: Connecticut

  • The lead agency in with oversight of policy and services for children and youth with an ASD is the Department of Developmental Services Division of Autism Spectrum Disorders; other state agencies contributing to the work and services include the Department of Education Bureau of Special Education, and Department of Rehabilitation Services.
  • State-level commission or workgroup pertaining to ASDs: the Connecticut Council on Developmental Disabilities, developed a Five Year State Plan to identify specific needs of youth and young adults with developmental disabilities
  • Notable state-level transition-related activities specific to students with disabilities include: The Interagency Transition Team, is a task force is responsible for developing a transition Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP) on an annual or bi-annual basis that is included in the state’s plan for serving students with disabilities
  • Unique customized employment programs within the state for individuals with an ASD include: Connect-Ability, established through a Medicaid Infrastructure Grant to support the competitive employment of people with disabilities; and the School to Work Transition Initiative through the Department of Rehabilitation Services connects with students whilst finishing school to establish eligibility and develop an employment plan
  • The percentage of youth with special health care needs who received the services necessary to make transitions to all aspects of adult life, including adult health care, work, and independence, as reported in 2009/10 for CT, 46.0% (N=340)