Report & Webinar: Strengthening DC School Behavioral Health System and Enhancing Equity

In collaboration with our work with the Stakeholder Learning Community (SLC), we are excited to share our new report: Strengthening the DC School Behavioral Health System and Enhancing Equity.

This report represents a collective effort to understand the policy landscape, identify strengths and challenges, and offers actionable recommendations to improve the District’s school behavioral system. It was co-created by a coalition of research, practice, and policy partners and informed by best practices and feedback and input from students, families, educators, and other key stakeholders across the city.

Click here to read the full report.

Click here to read the executive summary.

Since 2018, the School Behavioral Health Stakeholder Learning Community (SLC) has convened research, practice, and policy partners as well as children and families in the District to identify and pursue equitable strategies to strengthen school behavioral health supports in the District. Specifically, the SLC has taken a community-driven and participatory approach to building systems dynamics models and examining the local policy landscape to identify programmatic and policy levers that could help ensure every child in DC schools has early access to the supports and services needed to improve their mental health and well-being.

To learn more about effective implementation of child behavioral health interventions, we hosted a webinar on March 29th where we share about our collaborative efforts to advance and improve our school behavioral health system for children and families in the District of Columbia. Slides are available here.

We are pleased with the many individuals and organizations in the District of Columbia that have contributed to and participated in the listening, data-gathering, sharing and learning processes and welcome your partnership as we work to ensure that the behavioral health needs of children and families are met.

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