Financing and Sustaining Children’s Health and School Success

CHHCS is the leading national expert on financing for school-connected programs, policies and systems that focus on children’s health and school success. Through its continuous research and thought leadership, CHHCS identifies not only the revenue streams available today, but also those potentially available in the future. Going beyond theory and analysis, CHHCS brings a practical step-by-step approach to pursuing those revenue streams.

CHHCS helps foundations, state government agencies, school districts and other stakeholders to:

  • Identify and position themselves to pursue the full range of current and future revenue streams and funding opportunities using a practical step-by-step approach
  • Save significant time and resources in locating and securing funding
  • Chart the changes in revenue streams and related policies over time
  • Build capacity within institutions for cost-effective management and improved prospects for sustainability

Case Study

The Colorado Health Foundation (TCHF) launched a $12 million program to increase the number of Colorado’s school-based health centers (SBHCs) and provide technical support for applicants and grantees. The program goals were to support planning and implementation of more than 20 new school-based health centers and expand mental and physical health services in existing ones. TCHF contracted with CHHCS to provide technical assistance in launching this landmark initiative.

During a year-long period, CHHCS collaborated with the foundation to assemble and staff a state-wide advisory committee that met quarterly to guide creation of the new initiative.

Results: With input from TCHF and the advisory committee, CHHCS developed tools and products to advance program goals. These included:

  • A comprehensive self-assessment tool for prospective grantees to determine their readiness to launch a new SBHC,
  • A SBHC business-planning road map to help grantees secure financial viability, and
  • A SBHC financing options white paper that laid out current and prospective financing strategies and opportunities in Colorado

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