Who We Serve



School Districts, Administrators & Educators

School Districts Administrators & Educator

Public and Private Health Agencies

Public & Private Health Agencies

Providers & Health Professionals

Providers & Health Professionals

State & Local Public Education Agencies
State & Local Public Education Agencies
Community-Based Organizations & Leaders

Community-Based Organization & Leaders

State & Local Policymakers National & State Associations

State & Local Policymakers

National and State Associations

National & State Associations


Clients & Stakeholders

As a result of their customized, hands-on support from CHHCS, clients report they:

  • Consider and pursue practical financing models for sustainability

  • Improve their performance measurement and evaluation efforts

  • Better understand funder needs and present their work to funders to build stronger relationships

  • Nurture a broader network of collaborative relationships with peers and key influencers

  • Think more broadly, strategically, and out of the box to solve complex problems and identify new opportunities

  • Strengthen their leadership, presentation, communication, and advocacy skills